To respond positively to government policies to facilitate the return of Chinese youth to Taiwan to learn Chinese cultural traditions, participate in high quality professional and technical courses and receive training to develop their skills, the “Overseas Chinese Affairs Council of the 27th Hai Qing Skill Training Class in Baking and Pastry and Hospitality Management” is the result of planning work for course establishment and student admission that began in 2007.


Provide well-planned academic learning and practice environments to Chinese youth residing overseas who are interested in or plan to engage in the study of baking so that they are equipped to meet the needs of the Baking and Pastry Industry.

When to Apply?

From July15th to August 31st of every year.

Places that Accept Application

Embassies. Representative offices. Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission designated sponsor units.


Qualification for Application

Chinese youth born overseas and non-residents who have not obtained citizenship or permanent residency, or Chinese youth who hold the Republic of China passport endorsement “diaspora identity” person. High School educated or Higher Qualification (including English High School Graduate from Fifth Form), Overseas Chinese youth below the age of 40 years. Can write, listen and communicate in Mandarin. For more details, please refer to the other provisions of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission overseas youth technical training brochures.